Victoria Riess, MBA

Senior Strategy Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Author

Senior Strategy Leader & Board Advisor in Tech, Keynote Speaker, Author & Top Women Leader in Tech

I am Senior Strategy Leader, Executive, Managing Director, Founder, Board Advisor in Technology, Cambridge MBA and award-winning Top Women Leader in Tech.

I have a track record as women leader in tech and over 15 years of leadership experience in general management, digital strategy consulting and corporate strategy on digital transformation. I build and lead C-level digital strategy consulting programs with global teams. I have experience in business strategy, digital transformation, Cloud DevOps Engineering and data science.



I accompany you as an Entrepreneur and Managing Director on your way through the digital transformation.

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Thought Leader

The best full applied AI & digital leadership courses.

Keynote Speaker

My style is characterized by technical knowledge.

Board Advisor

I align your business activities for the future.

D&I Expert

My style is focused on entre-preneurial governance


From the latest in tech to the big stories in leadership.

CEO Advisor

I achieve long-term financial impact for your.

Interim CTO

You benefit from my leadership style & tech expertise.

Exec Coach

I am a Coach who helps manage change.

Thought Leader

All in one place: the best full applied AI and digital leadership courses you’ve ever watched. The thought leadership courses from me are specially created to inspire AI beginners and amuse digital leadership experts. Today, it is available to every leader!

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Keynote Speaker

My style is characterized by explaining technical knowledge in an understandable and entertaining way. My visually stunning keynotes are interactive and engage your audience. As a result, my keynotes are also aimed at you as CEOs and board members.

Keynote Technology Trends and Digital Transformation

I have five strategic tech trends and three best practices for digital trans-formation as force multipliers, which CEOs need to create tech for sustainable growth.

Keynote Artificial Intelligence and New Work

I will explain how to revolutionize work through technology, highlighting why Artificial Intelligence is an important enabler for new ways of working.

Keynote Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity

I will explain quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’ and crypto-currencies in an understandable and entertaining way.

Keynote Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Tech and New Work

I will explain why investors and boards must see the importance of diversity for good corporate governance, understanding why suppor-tive measures are needed.

Digital Board Advisor

As sparring partner for you as C-level Management, I align your business activities for the future in a sustainable and value-enhancing way through digital transformation.


Digital Innovator, ESG and D&I Expert

My transformative and inclusive style is focused on effective, entrepreneurial and prudent governance with value creation for all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and communities.
Diversity & Inclusion Consulting
Talent Recruitment Strategy
Sustainability Consulting

WomenTech Global Awards Winner

TechWomen100 Award Winner

McKinsey’s Next Generation Women Leader

TopWomenTech Leader



I bring you the future as it happens. From the latest in technology and digital transformation to the big stories in strategy and leadership, I’ve got you covered.

Technical Articles

Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing and Cryptocurrencies.

Opinion Articles

Strategy, Digital transformation and Leadership.

Expert Interviews

Diversity & Inclusion, Women In Tech and ESG.


Digitization as opportunity for global competitiveness

Is quantum on the verge of hacking cryptocurrencies?


Make a difference with technology


Can quantum computers soon override blockchains?


Revolutionising work through technology


Can quantum computers crack cryptocurrencies?


ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence


Is quantum about to break cryptocurrency?


Interview for The 5 Premium Speakers Questions


Kick start your tech career – Interview with Victoria Riess


Leadership Reflections – On my work in CEO Office


Designing for social change to create shared value


Digital Transformation – An opportunity for telecoms


IoT analytics and smart energy

TechWomen100 – What happened next

Senior Strategy Advisor and CTO

As Strategist, I achieve long-term financial impact for you as Business Owner through the successful realignment and digitization of business models; as well as transformative, operational leader.

Tech Talent Recruitment Strategy

How to hire more than 1,000 tech talent in 2022 for my one of largest sportswear manufacturer clients by executing the six-step talent recruitment program.
Tech Talent Recruitment Strategy
(Digital) Strategy Review


Post-Merger Integration

How Process Mining can help my client optimize their Accounts Payable process and create value.
Post-Merger Integration
Digital Transformation of employees, processes and technologies
People Transformation Strategy


GTM Sales Strategy

How to develop a successful GTM Sales Strategy for my product-led growth company client, leading the GTM team and developing the GTM strategy.
GTM Sales Strategy
Digitization and scaling of Digital Business Models


Interim CTO, CDO and Transformation Officer

You as Managing Director benefit from my leadership style, which is characterized by applying my technical expertise in cybersecurity and ESG in an understandable way and in difficult situations.

Chief Digital Officer

How can telcos digitally transform people, processes and technology and pivot successfully.

Chief Transformation Officer

How to execute senior management-level people transformation across leading German technology company.

Chief Technology Officer

How to develop innovative, powerful and robust (transport) services to reimagine rail freight.

Executive Coach and Mentor

I am a Coach who helps you as Leader to manage change and complexity, to break new ground and to achieve the goals of your organizations. During the coaching I help you as Leader to test new ways of working and leading.

Transformational Leadership

Female Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

My Amazing Clients

I accompanied them on their way through the digital transformation.


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