How CEOs transform their company from content creation to digital experiences

The core message of Business Transformation is that to win in today’s world…

Top Keynote How CEOs transform their company from content creation to digital experiences

Every business must transform to focus maniacally on the customer experience

But for one of my clients, a creative software company, transformation has not been easy

I will share the story of the creative software company’s transformation

Change the world through digital experiences

The creative software company has a very simple mission:

To change the world through digital experiences

The creative software company was the undisputed market leader in creative desktop software

But they knew their company was at a crossroads

Most importantly, they weren’t attracting the next generation of users

Cloud pioneer, corporate heavyweight and digital marketing market leader

The company realized that despite its success,

It had a unique opportunity to completely re-imagine its business model

So the company decided to turn its multi-billion dollar creative business on its head

And it became a company committed to the perpetual reality of a digital enterprise

Redesigning the customer journey

I believe their success is based on the conviction that digital transformation begins with a redesign of the entire customer journey

It’s about taking them from one step in the customer journey to the next by providing them with an engaging experience

Customer journey

To achieve this, they had to completely rethink the way they worked and radically change the way they did business

The customer was put at the center

This digital transformation had to be a must for the entire company

Running a digital business

So the creative software company developed a new data-driven operating model for running this digital business

The data-driven operating model combines the narrative of the customer journey with the data

And during this process, a data-driven operating model dashboard was created as a single source of truth

Lessons learned

So that’s how the creative software company uses its cloud to run its business by:

Creating a single source of truth to align stakeholders,

Fully digitizing the customer journey to empower all stakeholders,

Letting data lead through customer-centric KPIs,

And providing a governance structure to emphasize accountability

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