How CEOs transition their enterprise from material sciences to digital sciences

How should you implement strategic technology trends?

Top Keynote How CEOs transition their enterprise from material sciences to digital sciences

The answer is simple:

By driving digital transformation together with your CEO leadership

From my work, I have a digital transformation best practice for you to follow

Material science and digital science

Many of you know the materials science company primarily for its pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive tapes

And as they look to the future,

They’re boldly expanding their leadership in materials science with the help of digital science

Moving away from old environments

The company began its journey to the cloud like many of you

They needed to move away from their outdated data centers

Most importantly, they knew they needed a solid foundation to realize their digital transformation vision

Defining value, adoption and acceleration, and scaling

The company moved large volumes of applications,

Closed a large data center,

And moved 61% of its Tier 1 applications in one year

Digital building blocks in a cloud environment

It was particularly important for the materials research company to tap into the potential of data-driven insights

The various data sources were combined into digital building blocks in a cloud environment

Definition of four result areas

The materials science enterprise is transforming from materials science to digital science

This requires a different mindset and a different set of skills

The materials science company had to define the term ‘digital’

They defined it in four specific result areas

Laying the foundation, digital mindset and digital products

The company knew that 78% of digital transformations fail because of company culture

On their journey to digital transformation,

They have therefore learned the importance of developing a digital mindset across the organization and celebrating digital successes

Lessons learned

They are now looking forward to transforming the material science company

From a company with well-known material products to a company with iconic material and digital products

They are doing this in the cloud by

Defining the right outcomes,

Measuring and enabling progress,

And changing the culture of the company

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