How boards win with an ESG strategy

I gave answers in my panel ‘How boards win with a holistic ESG strategy and Digital Responsibility’ at the Handelsblatt Winter Camp 2023

My panel at Handelsblatt Winter Camp

highlighting how boards address ESG factors to outpace competitors, improve profitability and unlock new sources of value creation.

The top 4 takeaways from my Winter Camp panel about ESG strategies and supervisory boards are

1. ESG imperative and outperformance

ESG factors are top of mind for all stakeholders and addressing them outpaces competitors, improves profitability and unlocks new sources of value creation.

ESG imperative and outperformance

2. ESG strategies

Connecting ESG to strategy and operations through business transformation is key to creating and protecting sustainable long-term value.

ESG strategies

3. Best practice top 10 key topics

Create best practice responsible business practices, inclusive culture and environmental sustainability to drive long-term, sustainable growth.

Best practice top 10 key topics

4. Best practice next steps

Use best practice next steps to get on the front foot with ESG strategy and achieve cultural and mindset change needed to drive sustainability transformation.

Best practice next steps

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