Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leadership

Creating Something from Nothing or TL;TR: #thislittlegirlisme

My father was born in a family of craftspeoplemy mother in a farming family.

They are makers and worked their way up. My father was the first generation to go to university, he failed his Phd, and became a two-time entrepreneur in the software industry. Both worked hard to offer my sister and me economic, social, and cultural capital to have a better life.

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leadership

I followed their way and build on what they have achieved: I worked early and hard.

At the age of fourteen, I started to finance my school by looking after children in the holiday programme and working as a Working Student at Siemens. I continued to finance my studies by working the ladder up in the three-shift system as a Working Student in Production at Siemens and as a Postwoman at Deutsche Post two to three month per year. And even after graduating, I continued to work in quantitative analytics to finance my travel in Southeast Europe.

Creating Something from Nothing

I excelled in my studies and went for every scholarship to further educate myself and to finance everything that would not have been possible without it: to go for a degree abroad, to take on additional education and training via coding courses, to get involved in extracurricular activities etc.

I continued to work the ladder up to become a shaperThis is where I am now: I am an award-winning Women in Tech and on a promotional track to a pre-partner position.

Become a shaper

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