How CEOs make a difference with strategic technology trend investments

So much has changed since last year

Top Keynote How CEOs make a difference with strategic technology trend investments

But the bad news is that the change isn’t over yet

At this moment, the big question for all of you is:

What should you do to make a difference?

Optimize, scale, be a trailblazer

Maybe your company needs to cut costs, reinvest or improve margins

Or maybe you still want to grow; uncertainty is an opportunity for you

Or maybe now is the time to change your business model

From these three imperatives, three key themes emerge for the most important strategic technology trends

As CEOs and entrepreneurs, you need to prepare to optimize, scale and pioneer


My optimization topic brings up a trend of optimizing business processes

My first trend is Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics

Every decision that is made in a company generates data about that decision

By incorporating the context in which this data was collected and applying AI to analyze and make recommendations

We can create a feedback loop that enables faster and more effective future decisions


My second trend will help you scale anywhere

Next-Generation Wireless

However, as you expand outside the office, you’ll find that you need to support a wide range of endpoints

From traditional PCs to edge devices to IoT tagging solutions

And all of that requires connectivity, which leads us to my next trend:

Next-Generation Wireless

Be a trailblazer

My next group of trends will help you if you need to change your business model

Generative AI

Let’s start with Generative AI

The pace of progress in these big GPTs is just so amazing that we feel like we’re at a tipping point

They are able to generate text, audio and speech that is almost equivalent, if not equivalent, to human quality

And finally, and I think this is most important for all of us, these are accessible to start-ups and people

Optimize, scale, be a trailblazer

Because in this world of constant change, where you need to optimize, scale or pioneer,

These top strategic technology trends will help you innovate and make an impact

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