‘Quantum supremacy’ – Is quantum computing about to break cryptocurrency?

Keynote on quantum computing and cybersecurity


How you as CXO stay accountable for the new board issue, ‘quantum supremacy’

Google’s quantum computer recently reached a major milestone by reducing errors. Researchers showed for the first time that using more qubits can reduce the error rate in quantum calculations. This is another milestone in the race for ‘quantum supremacy’. It reveals how rapidly quantum computing is progressing. Only in 2020 the USTC reported another claim for ‘quantum supremacy’. It was the second time that an institution reported the claim for ‘quantum supremacy’, following Google’s celebrated announcement in 2019. But what does ‘quantum supremacy’ mean for cryptocurrency and crypto mining, where having a highly efficient machine gives you an edge over everyone else?

In this keynote, I will explain quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in an understandable and entertaining way. I will also introduce the biggest danger to blockchain from ‘quantum supremacy’. With this third milestone, a long-anticipated step toward useful quantum computers, understanding what new ways are in place to save crypto from ‘quantum supremacy’ and how crypto should prepare for ‘quantum supremacy’ is key to evaluate the facts.

Learn what you should do to achieve crypto-agility

  • You will be taught what Google’s, IBM’s and China’s official claim of ‘supremacy’ means
  • You will gain the knowledge how quantum computing will practically change the world of cryptocurrency
  • You will understand why Google, IBM, China and any other quantum computer could be about to destroy blockchain-based cryptocurrency
  • You will learn what new ways are in place to save blockchain from quantum

Who should prepare for ‘quantum supremacy’

This keynote is dedicated to beginners and CXOs who are interested in the relevant basics of security, quantum computing, and blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

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