Demystifying the Numbers

Or: My Essential Quantitative Skills of Leadership

I am a continuous learner.

I have over six years of professional experience and over five years of higher educationI am a coder at heartData Scientist by education, and certified Engineer in my free time.

I am a continuous learner

I have not only two or three, but over six years of professional experience in strategy consulting and corporate strategy.

In my position as Engagement Manager at my previous employer, I managed my global team and broader client team (23+) and was on a promotional track to a pre-partner position. In my day-to-day role, I developed C-level strategic recommendations based on data-driven insight — business cases, business plans, etc. I mentored, coached team members — and hired and interviewed new team members through quantitive case interviews. I went the extra mile and challenged the status quo e.g., by initiating and executing a freemium insurance business development project in the MEA region.

I have over six years of strategy experience

I was promoted and made a major career transition by progressing from transportation and logistics to financial services at my previous firms. At one of my previous firms, I was part of the leadership team and provided thought leadership for the CEO under a rigorous data-driven approach — market forecasts, valuation, KPI development, strategic planning, etc.

After graduating, I received two offers of admission to PhD programs in Strategic Management at ESCP Europe and Vienna University of Economics and travelled and worked as digital nomad in advanced quantitative analytics.

I have not only three, but over five years of higher education.

I studied not only a 3-year Bachelor’s degree at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg with First Class Honours but hold a 2-year Master‘s degree with Distinction from the University of Passau. I spent part of my postgraduate studies as a Teaching Assistant in Multivariate Statistics at the Sciences Po Grenoble, working on regression analysis, factor analysis, and contingency analysis. And in my studies, I passed every exam at first try and sat every exam at the scheduled date.

I have over five years of higher education

In my postgraduate degree, I went the extra mile and developed an entrepreneurial spirit: I initiated and increased revenues for the University of Passau through a book return request via mobile apps as well as initiated managed the implementation of the eplatform for interns for Audi AG and prepared and ran the internal C-level strategy workshop at Audi.

I graduated with First Class Honours in my Bachelor’s degree and hold a Minor in Economics, Statistics, and Multivariate Analysis. I was the first student ever and the first student out of three in total who graduated with the concentration ’International’ within the regular study period. I was the only one out of these only three students who concentrated in ’International’ without speaking a second modern language. And I was the only one who learned a second modern language from zero to fluent in 1.5 years in addition to my regular studies to fulfil the study requirements.

In my undergraduate degree, I completed a total of 56 courses — each containing a minimum of 3 exams. I graduated in Statistics with a grade of grade 2.0 out of 1.0 and concentrated in computer-assisted Statistics and Multivariate Analysis. I succeeded in a total of more than ten scientific papers among them five empirical research projects and one publication with an overall average grade of 1.4 out of 1.0. And I went the extra mile and constantly fostered creative solutions e.g., by initiating and establishing a cooperation with the University of Zurich.

I graduated with over seven years of Latin and A-levels in Latin from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Gymnasium and I tutored students in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. And I have an outstanding geometry as well as artistic ability.

In general, I seek intellectual diversity in my career and work and studied in a fast-packed environment of continuous learning.

I am a coder at heart, Data Scientist by education, and certified Engineer in my free time.

I am a coder, Data Scientist, and certified Engineer

I am a Data Scientist with a background in predictive analytics, big data, statistics, and coding. I am certified with a AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree, as a Data Scientist from Roland Berger, and Financial Modeling. This day-to-day codingData Science and engineer experience will enable me to do well in any leadership role.

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